The Almajdouie Group

Almajdouie is a Saudi Conglomerate company founded in 1965 by Shaikh Ali Ibrahim Almajdouie, and all his five sons now work in the business, and sit on its board. Almajdouie started as a land transport company and as the business grew the firm expanded into logistics, automotive, manufacturing, food, steel, real estate, and training & education.

Today Almajdouie Group operates all over the Kingdom as well as in the Middle East, North America, Europe, the Far East and Africa, employing a total of more than 5,000 people.


The journey that started with a single truck seems a distant memory since 1965 our fleet grew over 1,800 trucks and 2,200 various types of trailers such as flatbed low bed, extendable and semi-hydraulic. In addition to other types of trailers such as conventional hydraulic, SPTs and SPMTs.Our terminal and storage capacity is over 2 million SQM with more than 6.9 million MT of exports a year.

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Almajdouie Motors Company was founded in 1985 as a subsidiary of Almajdouie Group. Since its inception, Almajdouie Motors has been serving its customers professionally in a highly competitive automotive market. It is considered to be one of the leading companies in the automotive industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Almajdouie Motors Company represents many reputable automotive manufactures. Additionally, it strives to tap new markets and look out for new opportunities with an extensive range of automotive products and services. Through its advanced dealerships and excellent locations, the company covers a vast network and is providing attractive sales, spare parts, and workshop centers that are equipped by a highly qualified professional team and advanced equipment’s. The mission of Almajdouie Motors is to accelerate customer satisfaction levels by offering the highest quality of products and services. Moreover, its vision is to provide the best customer experience through diversified business units, which are guided by the core values of Almajdouie Group; care, accountability, transparency, commitment, and harmony.

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Almadjouie Steel Industries (MSI) established in 1976 to support and build a fleet for Almajdouie Transport (MTR), providing all kinds of trailers needed to MTR. In 1981, after numerous requests from other transporters, MSI started producing and selling new semi trailers in Saudi Arabia. Since then; quality, integrity, reliability, service solutions, and innovation are given the highest priorities, using the best high strength flexible steel available in the west.

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Through its all financial investments unit , Al-Majdouie Group has contributed to various strategic investments which compliant with Islamic teachings. For example, the Group participated in the establishment of Dana Gas Co , Al-Salam Bank-Bahrain , Prince Mohamed Bin Fahad University and Al Baha Private College of Science. This is in addition to other strategic investments.

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Aryaf Bakeries was founded in 1990 to meet the growing demand for bakery products and desserts. In 2005, Aryaf central factory established in accordance with to the latest technical requirements and the best production lines that are compatible with the requirements of international quality and meet the requirements of the growing market.

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Believing in the social and national role to develop the skills of Saudi people which is adopted by Al–Majdouie Group with its overall capabilities obtained from the long experience and pioneering on the logistic sectors in the Middle East; the group has established a specialized training institute which is considered to be the first of its kind in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia namely,Middle East Logistic Institute.

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