Almajdouie Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is the way a company is organized, managed and controlled. In the last ten years Almajdouie has been through a significant restructuring, and adopted a far more rigorous approach to corporate governance.

The Board of Directors is the decision-making body of our Group. The board provide oversight & supervision to ensure that the management & operations are legal , effective & appropriate .The board is ultimately responsible for governing the organization & hold legal responsibility for the organization & operations

It assists the Board of Directors in promoting Almajdouie's business development. It examines the Group's overall strategy and operations of particular strategic importance, and reviews the competitive environment and the resulting medium and long-term outlook for the Group.

The Audit Committee has various responsibilities designed to allow the Board of Directors to ensure that internal control is effective and information available to shareholders and financial markets is reliable.

It oversees and manages the selection, implementation and compliance of the Group to the best practices of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). It is an adhoc committee created specifically for special IT projects such as ERP.

It is involved in scrutiny the Group's structure of employees compensations and benefits, monitoring the market trends and best practices in formulation employees compensation and benefits.