Almajdouie Motors OTB (Introduction)

Oils, Tires & Batteries Company commenced operations in 2018 with exclusive distributorship for SpeedMate Batteries, SpeedMate Lubricants & SpeedMate Parts from Korea, ACDelco Battery and Exclusive distributorship for CEAT Tyres from India.

What is OTB? O – Oils (Lubricants) for Automotive , Industrial and Marine. T – Tires for Passenger Vehicles (PCR), Commercial Vehicles (TBR) & Industrial Equipment's (OTR). B – Batteries for Automotive passenger & commercial Vehicles.

WHY OTB? Almajdouie Motors has been operating in aftersales business, serving products and services required by its partners alone. Leaving behind a huge unexplored market opportunity. Oils, Tires and Batteries constitute the top three categories of aftersales market revenues in K.S.A. followed by Brake Parts. It is now the opportune time to utilize our strong credibility towards Almajdouie as a brand name and management experiences possessed by Almajdouie Motors to expand our automotive business covering the major revenue generators of the aftersales market.

OTB Key Activities: Key Activities in OTB Company will be focused on the: Distribution, Sales, Service & Marketing of Tires, Batteries, Lubricants & Spare Parts.

OTB Company is responsible for establishing regional warehouses and retail outlets (3 facilities in 3 major cities) in addition to appointing authorized Dealer and Sub Dealer network throughout the Kingdom to spread the reach and visibility of our products
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