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-  Almajdouie Motors - Hyundai organizes safe driving campaign for future drivers

December 06, 2016

Almajdouie Motors, the dealer of Hyundai cars in Eastern and Northern regions of Saudi Arabia, recently organized a car driving event for 100 school students - the future drivers- in order to raise their awareness about safe driving, traffic rules and regulations, and educating them about the different meanings of traffic signboards. This initiative comes in recognition of the importance of raising awareness of full compliance with traffic regulations and rules to achieve road safety for all road users, and in view of the company’s acknowledgement of the importance of educating future drivers.


The session began by inviting a group of school students to practice proper car driving, under the supervision of experienced car driving instructors, and    in a completely safe environment on a track built for this purpose. The session started by a group of driving instructors lectured the participating students about the proper driving manner, followed by behavioral tips on safe driving, and how to read the traffic signs. Afterwards, they started the practical training, where the instructors accompanied the students on board the cars, and demonstrated to them the proper driving methods, and showed them practically how to abide by traffic regulations and rules while driving.


Choosing school students for this session aims to embed the concept of safe driving in children from an early age, and to encourage them to change traditional beliefs and behaviors about driving, as well as prepares them about the importance of abiding by traffic rules in order to reach an innovative degree of road safety.


This initiative comes within the general framework of Almajdouie Motors social responsibility through which the company share the community in various activities and events that contribute to raising awareness among people on many important issues that concern the society. As well as the company's keen efforts to offer durable and reliable cars which are accounted for safety of passengers and road users alike, and contribute to reducing the road risks.