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Aryaf Bakeries

Aryaf Bakeries was founded in 1990 to meet the growing demand for bakery products and desserts. 

In 2005, Aryaf central factory established in accordance with to the latest technical requirements and the best production lines that are compatible with the requirements of international quality and meet the requirements of the growing market. 

Aryaf Bakeries put its experience in the service of its customers, to suit their needs; serve the best bakery products, sweets luxury designed with the latest machinery, through the production lines are integrated to various branches, leaded by Qualified and experienced  team who have advanced expertise and highly skilled to apply high standards of safety and quality rules.

Aryaf bakeries so keen to be among the list of certified companies approved by obtaining a certificate of global food safety and quality management systems. HACCP & ISO 22000 

Aryaf bakeries produce a wide range of breads in addition to a wide variety of pastries, appetizers, orient sweets and many kinds of cakes for all occasions; also produce a special diet products. 

The unique of Aryaf Bakeries manufactures frozen products for the sectors of nutrition and catering and hotels.

Distributed in Aryaf Bakeries scattered across 12 sites in the eastern region and Medina, in addition Aryaf Bakeries has expansion plan to cover and include central and western areas of the kingdom.

Aryaf Bakeries is proud to serve rural areas, a wide range of discerning clients such as Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabian and foreign airlines, the Seattle coffee chain, Starbucks coffee and a large number of franchised restaurants in addition to home delivery services.

As the Aryaf Bakeries to meet the demands of concerts, weddings, special events and seasons.